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Sales numbers can only tell so much of the story when it comes to the success at our Columbus, OH Kia dealership serving Newark and Dublin, which is why we urge each and every customer to leave us a review, from positive ones to construction criticisms about where we can do better. We're confident that most customers will leave positive reviews, since we strive to combine our amazing deals on new Kia models, used cars, parts and service, with the best level of customer service in the Columbus area. Check out our various social channels and click the links to the other review sites here to see what the buzz is all about, then make your way over to 1455 Auto Mall Pkwy, Columbus, OH today to get started on whatever you're looking for.

As you can see, our average ratings are very strong. That's because we make sure that each and every visit gets our utmost attention, whether you're looking for one of our great new Kia models, or if you need anything else. While we strive to deliver the MVP treatment to everyone who walks through our doors, it's not because we have these reviews on our mind. We want to make sure you're comfortable and not pressured when it comes to investing in new Kia. We also want to ensure you understand all your new Kia leasing or financing options. With all of that in mind, make sure you let us - and more importantly, other customers - how we're doing.

We definitely urge you to leave a glowing review if you found the expected level of customer service in your search for a new or used car, but we also want to hear about if there's anything we can improve upon. Constructive criticism goes much further than incoherent ramblings, so be direct, honest and clear with where we can do better, and you'll find we'll take those thoughts seriously.

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