Meet the GM

Brian Frye, General Manager at Hatfield Kia

Freddy Tamayo is a proud 16-year veteran in the automotive world. He has devoted his professional life to Hatfield KIA and the Sonic automotive group for well over a decade now and shows no signs of stopping. He's passionate about the dealerships he manages. His career began with his graduation from the Sonic GM Academy in 2012, a prestigious educational credential to have on his record. From there, his passion for the automotive industry only grew from there as he became an essential figure in the Sonic group's operations. Sonic is proud to have a team leader like him inspiring everyone to do their best at all times for the dealerships they shape and mold.

Duties as GM

A general manager's duties are complex and time consuming, but they are a vital part of what makes dealerships function at their best. Freddy Tomayo is responsible for assembling the grew that works at his dealerships. This requires him to have a keen eye for both new and experienced talent. It's the people he hires who will determine how well the dealership functions and serves customers. Tomayo continues to hire people with stellar credentials and a passion for automotive operations. He is responsible for overseeing operations at multiple dealerships and making sure that they are performing up to task and beyond. More than anything, a GM like Tomayo makes sure that all staff is serving up a tremendous customer service experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Awards and Recognition

  • Disney Institute Graduate: Tomayo completed curriculum that helped him learn how to lead, engage with employees, and understand employee culture better
  • Subaru Love Promise Commitment Award Winner: The winner of this award provides excellent customer service and serves the community in a way that truly stands out and deserves recognition
  • Conscious Leadership Group (CLG) Graduate: Grew as a leader and learned how to create collaborative work environments.
  • Sonic Automotive GM Academy Graduate: Completed curriculum that showed him how to excel as a GM

Tomayo continues to be devoted to the many dealerships he oversees and hopes to continue his tradition of excellence in the future.