Fast Cleaning Car Secrets

Here at Hatfield Kia, we can clean a car in less than 10 minutes, so we think you should be able to as well! Want to know a few secrets to clean your car super fast? Here you go:

Clean The Outside First

Start by drenching the outside of your car in water to remove any foreign objects and dirt. You can then proceed to dry it off with a towel and some drying agent to eliminate hard water spots.

Clean The Inside Easily

Cleaning the inside is easy. Remove the floor mats to be shaken out thoroughly, and then remove all the easily accumulated junk that still exists inside. If you are ambitious, you can take a damp rag(with or without cleaning agent) and wipe down the dash, seats, center console, etc. to give it an even cleaner appearance.

Hatfield Kia has clean, new cars for you to test drive! Make your way to our Kia dealership to explore all of your options.



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