Why You Should Wash Your Car

Washing your car may seem like a chore. However, at Hatfield Kia, we want to make sure you’re caring for your vehicle as much as possible. Whether you do the hand washing yourself or drive it through a car wash, it’s a good idea to focus on a good wash regularly.

One of the most obvious reasons for washing your car is to get the dirt off of it. Too much dirt can actually cause a lot of scratches along the surface. Love bugs, mosquitoes, and other bugs can eat through the finish, too. When you want to maintain the value of your car, the exterior appearance matters.

You’ll be able to drive safely down the road when you wash your car more often, too. If there’s dirt and debris on the back window, the front windshield, or anywhere else, it can limit your visibility. A bit of soap can clear everything up.



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