Compare Studded and Studless Winter Tires

When you shop for reliable winter tires, you'll have to understand the technical specifications of studdable and studless types. Hatfield Kia will explain the advantages of such important installations for passenger vehicles.

Studdable tires have robust metallic components integrated into the outer rubber shells. The metal studs on the tread are engineered to handle surfaces that have significant accumulation of ice and sleet. Tires with studs are strong enough to resist abrasive damage from direct contact with roads that are coated with anti-icing salts. However, studdable tires are a bit notorious for being noisy as they roll on the highway.

Studless winter tires include various grades of rubber composites for optimum traction. Such tires don't have any noticeable protrusions from the tread. Additionally, studless tires are much more flexible than studded types. The enhanced flexibility of the rubber improves handling in a wide range of low and high temperatures.



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