Sealing Entry Points to Prevent Rodent Damage

Sometimes, you might notice that there is paper in your glovebox that appears to have been chewed. There could be electrical issues that suddenly appear. These issues could be the result of rodents in your car, but they can be prevented.

If you eat in your car, make sure that you remove all trash. Don't leave any crumbs behind because rodents enjoy looking in all places for something to eat. Take note of any suspicious rodent activity that you notice in your car after driving, such as chewed papers or even droppings. If you notice any of these signs, then you need to try to put a trap in or around your vehicle.

Remove bushes and other hiding places from around your vehicle. Avoid keeping large boxes or other containers near your car where rodents can hide. Seal off all of the entry points as much as possible to keep rodents from getting into your engine compartment or through the floorboard. Hatfield Kia can offer assistance in ensuring hoses are properly secured and that there are no significant holes that rodents can get through.



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