Don't Let Motion Sickness Put a Damper on Your Travel Plans

One in three people are at risk of developing motion sickness. Fortunately, a bout of motion sickness doesn't have to ruin your summer road trip plans.

Motion sickness occurs when your inner ear sends a signal to your brain that your body is in motion. Your eyes send a conflicting message to your brain, and it causes motion sickness. Taking Dramamine before a car ride helps stop motion sickness in its tracks, but Dramamine can make you drowsy. Try peppermint or ginger if you don't want to deal with side effects. Experts recommend eating a large meal before traveling.

Avoid reading or looking at your phone when you're traveling in a car. Roll down your window for fresh air and stare at the horizon to help reset your brain. Take frequent breaks. You can also drink club soda or ginger ale to settle your stomach.



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