Important Information About Touch Up Paint

Saving the vehicles from rust and scratches – touch up paint made easy. Stop by Hatfield Kia for more information!

Scratches are a bigger problem than just looking bad. Given enough time, more paint can begin to bubble up and come off, and rust can spread which will utterly destroy your vehicle. That in mind, you want to deal with scratches immediately when you find them. You can rest easy knowing that applying touch up paint isn’t difficult.

First, once you’ve washed out the scratch with warm water and soap, you’ll want to sand the area down to a smooth consistency. If it’s not a deep scratch, 220 grit sandpaper will suffice. If it’s deep enough to penetrate all the layers, 600 grit sandpaper may be necessary. You may also need to apply some primer, which will also want to sand smooth using the 220 grit paper. What you have a smooth surface, simply apply the paint with a fine tool such as a toothpick, match stick or fine brush. Once it’s done, so are you!

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