Two Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Teen's First Car

That day has finally arrived, the one you have been dreading for years. You need to buy your teen a car and allow them to hit the roads without you being able to protect them anymore. Choosing the right car for your teen will alleviate that concern.

When in doubt, go heavier and bigger with your teen's car. This will help to protect them if they run into any trouble. It might not be that muscle car they wanted today, but as they improve, they can get into that car down the road.

Always check before you make a purchase about the safety rating of the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates vehicles by stars, so the higher the safety rating of the vehicle, the more stars it receives.

Today is the best day to come to see us at Hatfield Kia, because you can take any car your teen wants out for a test drive.



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