Important Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

The reason the tire pressure light illuminates is to ensure that the car tires keep you safe and the treads last the correct amount of time. Here is what is happening when you drive with the wrong pressure in those car tires.

When the tire pressure is too low in your car tires, more of the outer tread meets the road, making it harder to maneuver and increasing the chances the tire may blow out. The tread wears faster, the gas mileage sinks, and the tires need to be replaced more frequently. If there is too much air in the tires, then less tread contacts the surface of the road and makes it very challenging to handle your vehicle at higher speeds when the road surface is slick.

Schedule a tire rotation appointment at Hatfield Kia, and we'll be able to spot any issues moving forward that could cause a blowout.

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