Push to Start: Jumping a Standard Transmission

There is no worse feeling than getting into your car, turning the key, and realizing it won’t start because you have a dead battery. Below are steps on how to jump start a standard transmission car without using jumper cables:

  • If possible, find an incline and have friends help you push your car to safety.
  • Once you are sitting in the driver’s seat, press the brake, turn the key at the same time you are pushing the clutch and putting the car into second gear.
  • Release the brake and the car will move (either through gravity if you are on an incline or through the effort of the people pushing your car). Once the car gets to 5 mph, release the clutch and push the gas pedal. If the engine starts, push the clutch and the brakes.
  • It is important to keep pressing the brake at the same time you are pushing the gas pedal so you can keep revving the engine until you reach a point where you believe the engine will stay running.
  • Now you will need to drive the car for a while to make sure the battery gets a good charge.

At Hatfield Kia, we understand how frustrating a dead battery can be for Columbus drivers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your car battery, come visit our Kia service station and speak with one of our experts.