Which Infotainment System is Best for You?

An infotainment system can serve many purposes. It can entertain, inform and assist you while you are driving. However, it can be difficult to decide just which infotainment features are best suited to your particular needs until you test them.

Automobile manufacturers have their own infotainment systems. Each of these systems run on either Linux, Android, QNX or some other operating system. Many of these systems can use applications like Spotify and Pandora, and when they are combined with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, they can run the applications on your phone. The display monitors are usually behind the wheel and embedded in the dashboard and are controlled by touch and voice commands. Some of these systems promise to have gesture commands in the future.

Come in to Hatfield Kia today and test drive some of our models to compare the different infotainment options they possess. We can give you information about each one and what they can do for you.



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