Automobile Backup Cameras Prevent Accidents

Highway accidents happen very often when inexperienced motorists try to back up in a parking lot. The big issue is that awareness is low when a typical driver leaves a parking spot in a highly-populated zone. Besides the viewing problems, other things can also impact the ability to exit a parking zone efficiently and safety, such as distractions. Most distractions can happen inside or outside of a vehicle; however, focus usually decreases dramatically when there are distractions in a cabin since the sounds are louder and isolated.

Backup cameras help motorists prevent accidents in a very effective way. According to a study, nearly 57 percent of people who operated vehicles with a backup camera avoided accident situations while implementing steering procedures around or near stationary objects. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also completed a study, and the results were also beneficial. These experts found that three-quarters of motorists who used cars with a backup camera and noise sensors were able to prevent collisions in various environments.

Hatfield Kia has many automobiles that are equipped with a backup camera. If you want to test drive one of these vehicles, visit our location today.



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